Below is a list of statements that other people with your illness have said are important. Please mark your response as it applies to you when considering the past 7 days.

Not at allA little bitSomewhatQuite a bitVery much
I know that I have enough money in savings, retirement, or assets to cover the costs of my treatment.
My out-of-pocket medical expenses are more than I thought they would be.
I worry about the financial problems I will have in the future as a result of my illness or treatment.
I feel I have no choice about the amount of money I spend on care.
I am frustrated that I cannot work or contribute as much as I usually do.
I am satisfied with my current financial situation.
I am able to meet my monthly expenses.
I feel financially stressed.
I am concerned about keeping my job and income, including work at home.
My cancer or treatment has reduced my satisfaction with my present financial situation.
I feel in control of my financial situation.

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